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Self-rotating mode generator asynchronous electric valve machine without external power

Self-rotating mode generator asynchronous electric valve machine without external power

The literature has previously described the famous self-rotating asynchronous electric Tesla. As evidenced by reports from the scene -, Tesla’s electric motor was installed on the car, instead of the classic internal combustion engine and was electrically connected to the mysterious small box with an electric circuit, consisting of tubes and other elements and the receiving antenna
Moreover, the motor worked on this box mode self-rotating, leading car in motion, according to eyewitnesses and reports made by journalists in general, without on-board sources of electricity These sensational experiments with auto Tesla held in Mr. Buffalo (USA) in 1931 on the question of the journalists – at the expense of some energy electric rotates and moves the car, he was responsible for the energy of the ether!
Ethereal Energy in a self-rotating electric vehicle Tesla

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Let us try to understand – can be completely autonomous mode HEA – mode continuous sustainable self-rotating rotor when disconnecting the supply voltage … At first glance, it is absurd. Because, as you know, for HEA in the mode of the engine to consume electricity from the mains AC power. However, such a principle possibility self-rotating asynchronous electrical machines all still there! To do this, use it somehow inexhaustible energy of the ether (physical vacuum) which is filled with the world around us and within us, and in particular to all substances and materials used for making the asynchronous electrical machines, in particular, and its windings. This unusual and very important mode of self-rotating HEA will be understood and therefore possible to repeat, only if we understand deeply the essence of physics and the power of asynchronous electric machine, the role of the ether with her work and learn how to effectively use the eternal enteric energy pump – for her . The main issue, in such a self-rotating HEA is a mutual exchange of energy and the energies of its inductors in multi-phase alternating current electrical circuits. Anomalous energy electric Tesla, probably hidden in the transition process of the electromagnetic field HEA, which arise as a result of pulse phase discontinuities of electrical currents in the phase inductances at fracture of the currents in these high-speed semiconductor switches. Basically, three-phase asynchronous electric machine is a set of inductors, three of which are located on the stator and one inductance – is its rotor. It is known that the inductance in transmission of electric current through it stores in an electromagnetic energy. When an alternating current maximum energy stored in inductance occurs when you reach the maximum amplitude of the AC. Because the electrical current in the phase windings of the sine wave, the maximum stored energy in the inductances of stator windings HEA occurs twice during a period that would, if high-speed semiconductor key to break the chain phase currents HEA at the time of maximum amplitude of these currents and the energy stored in inductances so send in the form of electrical current through the anti-emf in itself the power phase of inductive coils for self-rotating HEA?? For a more understandable explanation of my hypothesis about how to make the inductance in the current gap in it to become volatile trans generator of electricity – in the article above I have already proposed a method and device of switching of inductive currents in the electrical load circuits containing inductance, for example, in asynchronous electric machines, which explained earlier in the relevant section of this article.
Features of the application of positive feedback in transformers and AVM switching current in the inductor and the recovery of electromagnetic energy in the inductance of the load in the “reactive” current intervals
Any positive feedback is unstable, and either leads to the attenuation process, or to increase its unrestricted first case stems from the fact that the return of energy sufficient to sustain the process, it is smaller than spent. The second case relates to the excess energy returned and, if all elements in the circuit are linear, then the system always goes to the dressing until it is the weak link that breaks down. Then the process stops. It is known that there were cases of explosion Tesla transformer, which, however, did not cause major damage, but the fact that quite unpleasant. Therefore, this possibility must be prevented. One way to prevent unmanageable process is the use of stabilizing elements in any part of the scheme, for example, bypasses capacitor power stabilizing element to prevent the unchecked growth of strain on it. Threshold of stabilization should be a few percent higher operating voltages, sufficient to run the scheme. May apply different ways.
1. Virtually all existing electric receivers have the AC inductors and wasting excess electricity from the network to its electromagnetic charge exchange of reactance intervals, and then again give it the energy stored in the network through the exchange of inductive currents from the AC mains network twice per period.
2. Electricity savings in them can be achieved by eliminating these jets return intervals reactive current into the network and the useless expenditure of the stored energy of electromagnetic inductance – by breaking the chain into a reactive intervals and use the stored energy to benefit from this load within the
4. In three-phase inductive load with the secondary circuit can provide energy savings through forced circulating reactive currents in phases by the termination of electronic key phase currents in the jet intervals (with a mismatch for the signs of phase currents and voltages inductance).
3. Maximum power-saving mode in inductive loads achieves gap inductor current at the time of maximum – double the period of alternating current electric energy recovery is provided through the beneficial use of anti-self-induction electromotive force at break phase of inductive coils with current.
4 The physical nature of this “bursting” method of radical energy savings in inductive electrical receptacles is in the appearance and beneficial use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic self-induction for the effective use of electromagnetic energy in the inductance of the load itself.
5. Offered original multi-turn transformer with the switch in the primary winding circulating currents and reactive power recovery circuit between the primary and secondary windings in the “reactive” intervals. Electricity savings of 80-100%
6. The method of circulation of reactive currents in a multiphase HEA in the “reactive” intervals and the method of recovery of electricity through the original scheme multi-turn asynchronous valve machine. Electricity savings -80-100%
7.Predlozhena original multi-turn asynchronous valve engine with the switch in the primary winding circulating currents and reactive power recovery circuit between the primary and secondary windings in the “reactive” intervals. Electricity savings of 80-100%
Energy saving is becoming increasingly important in the world and, therefore, proposed in the paper the methods of its economy are of great practical and scientific value of many existing electricity consumers AC containing inductors (transformers, asynchronous electrical machines) until uneconomical to expend energy consumption because useless exchange reactive currents and reactive power inductors with the supply. This useless reactive energy exchange networks and inductive electric receiver’s reactive currents twice in the period to save power, it is possible to eliminate the different methods… These include the method of capacitor reactive power compensation, the resonant method of setting electricity receivers per unit input power factor and method of using compensating capacitors and electronic (to) the key (Ami), connected in series in the chain of supply in series with the inductive (s) of the winding (s ).
As a result, off an inductive load from an alternating current in the data “reactive” intervals useless flow of reactive current is eliminated. Stored previously reactive power inductor for a long time remains within multiphase electric receivers due to the phenomenon of circular circulation of the phases of inductive load, which leads to significant energy savings.
This method of cyclical inductive load disconnect from the network in the “reactive” intervals will provide energy savings up to 20-30%.
Radical saves electricity inductive electric consumers (up to 100%) can be achieved with high-speed switching current consumption of twice the period at the time of maximum.
The effectiveness of the “bursting” method of saving energy is beneficial use occurring at break of current in the inductance of the electromagnetic self-induction phenomenon for its implementation inductive electrical loads (consumers) should have closed the secondary electrical and electromagnetic circuit. In asynchronous electrical machines, secondary electrical and electromagnetic circuits are its stator and rotor magnetic wire, transformers – their magneto-off and secondary windings.

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